Environmental Defense Fund podcast series about finding a green job

Environmental Defense Fund

The Environmental Defense Fund has produced an informative series of podcasts, Degrees: Real talk about planet-saving careers. The series aims to “go behind the scenes with today’s most inspiring changemakers” and to offer “candid conversations with them about careers, motivation, and how they’re fighting climate change—and how you can too.”

As with most resources about finding a green job, it’s not necessarily aligned with the particular type of green job you’re looking for, or the particular challenges of midlife green job-seeking (that’s the gap being filled by Ecotopian Careers!), but it’s always good to absorb as much of this type of material as possible, especially when it’s free and produced by such a reputable organization as EDF.

Recent episodes include:

Awkward! Networking mistakes to avoid

Everyone says networking is so important, but how? Who should you talk to? What do you say? Net Impact’s Sam Charner works with more than 400 chapters in 40 countries, with young people making a positive impact on the planet. He’s seen it all—and he shares the best and the worst of networking.

Resumes suck. But here’s how to rock the search

Are you submitting lots of resumes and not hearing back? Guest Sam Charner of Net Impact has great advice. He addresses the biggest pain points of green job hunting, from being clueless about your specific path to what’s wrong when you can’t get an interview. His guidance will help you charge ahead.

Certifications: Do I need them?

Sustainability certifications are a minefield. Do you have to spend time and money getting certified? How do you choose? GreenBiz’s John Davies knows which credentials are worth the effort and the cost—and when you don’t need them at all.

Real talk about salaries, gender and race in green jobs

Working in sustainability doesn’t have to mean sacrificing decent compensation. Did you know corporate sustainability management salaries range from $50,000 to $280,000 a year? GreenBiz careers expert John Davies shares his latest findings on high-paying jobs. And he gives Yesh the good and bad news about pay equity and diversity.

Green jobs are surging. Where to find them.

After years of sputtering along, sustainability job postings on LinkedIn spiked by 10%, about double the growth in other sectors of the economy. But where are these jobs? And which skills are in demand? One of the foremost researchers studying the growth of corporate sustainability jobs, John Davies of GreenBiz, gives Yesh the inside scoop.

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