Climate quitters: Meet the people who abandoned their high carbon jobs

Some personal stories about other people who have transitioned into green jobs:

With 1.2 billion jobs directly reliant on a healthy, stable planet across the world, high-carbon industries are slowly fading out of the global economy.

As certain jobs become obsolete, those working in fossil fuel sectors are dropping like flies as the world wakes up to the climate crisis.

This week, government ministers in the UK outlined their strategy for achieving net-zero by 2050, which they say will create 440,000 new jobs in green industries by 2030.

Pete Mulholland is one of the many workers who jumped ship from a carbon-intensive industry to a more environmentally conscious career. He is a drilling veteran, having travelled all over the world for his previous job in oil and gas.

“Initially, it was just about going places and adventure. But after a while, you start to see that the planet has enough carbon spewing into it.”

His home of southwest France is known for its natural beauty – clear rivers flow through the chalky, limestone hillside and green forest lines the landscape. “When you look at the trees they are covered in lichen, you don’t see that in a polluted place,” says Pete.

His time is divided between Lot, in the Occitane region of France and Cornwall, UK, where he spends months at a time drilling geothermal wells. Read the full article on Euronews.

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