The New World of Work: Pros and Cons for Older Workers

Older Workers

Kerry Hannon offers some highlights from two of the recent Age@Work: The New Revolution panels including discussion on career switching:

More and more people over 50 are changing careers, redeploying their skills. “It used to be for only the risk takers and the outliers,” I said, but now other people “are realizing that they have the runway to do that.”

I had mixed opinions, however, about the growing trend toward contract positions, where employers hire people for short-term jobs rather than full-time employment. While contract work offers flexibility for workers, I expressed my concerns about people over 50 who still need employer-supported health coverage and retirement plans.

Schurman belted out my favorite line of the Brooklyn event: “If you’re not learning, you’re not earning.” As he explained, “Education is something that you’re going to need to keep up on.” Read the full article on Next Avenue.

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