How to get a high-paying job fighting the climate crisis, even if you’re not a scientist

Some good advice for those taking their first steps to transition to a green job in climatetech:

Using metal straws and reusable water bottles may be one way to help save the planet. Getting a full-time job repairing wind turbines or sharing climate-related breakthroughs as a public-relations specialist is another.

Indeed, your 40-hour workweek could be used to help solve the climate crisis.

Such issues are the focus of the United Nations Climate Change Conference, or COP26, taking place this week in Glasgow, Scotland. While the conference is designed as a forum for countries to commit to fighting climate change, the environmental activist Greta Thunberg has called it a “failure” and a “PR exercise.”

Members of Generation Z have named the climate crisis a top priority, and as they enter the workforce the market is likely to become flooded with interested candidates. And some of the climate-tech jobs with the most projected growth in the next few years offer salaries well over $100,000.

“When I think about all the different industries that need to be involved with making the world more resilient to climate change, as well as trying to mitigate the worst of its impacts, it spans the government, nonprofits, and the corporate industry,” Valeria Orozco, Indeed’s head of environmental sustainability, told Insider.

Experts like Orozco shared key insights for those looking to make a career out of saving the planet. Read the full article on Business Insider.


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