New Year, New Career: 5 Expert Passion Into Purpose Tips to Help You Find Work You Love

New Year, New Career:

In case you’re looking for a bit of New Year career switch inspiration:

Yes, you can find work that you love and be successful, while making a difference for animals, people and the planet.  Take the energy that comes from the New Year to jump-start or pivot your quest to do work you love by following your passion into your true purpose.

Follow your heart, do what you love, follow your passion, you’ve heard it over and over again from motivational gurus to commencement speakers and so many others. If you’re like me, you’ve probably said this more times than you can count. Easy to say but not so easy to find. Passion is certainly a great place to start in the search for meaningful, mission-driven work.  However, it is a bit nebulous, and you probably have more than one: passions can change and they don’t exactly jump out in job descriptions. But, when you think of passion more as a guide to finding or expanding your purpose, the paradigm shifts a little and refocuses on a key question.

What do you really care about? This distinction is subtle but meaningful. Focusing on what you love associates passions with what brings you joy, what makes you happy. It’s emotional. Whereas, focusing on what you care about aligns passion with your values and the impact you want to have on the world. Ultimately, purpose is a far better compass than passion. It’s your mission, your driving force through thick and thin and a beacon igniting the future. This all sounds great until you start thinking about how to move forward, given life and all that is happening today. Read the full article on LinkedIn.

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