Reviews of Sustainability/ESG Global Leaders’ Insights: free webinar, June 22

Sustainability/ESG Global Leaders' Insights

A useful learning and networking opportunity for anyone interested in ESG: the Reviews of Sustainability/ESG Global Leaders’ Insights free webinar on June 22.

This webinar is intended to recap the previous webinars that were organized/moderated in 2022 by Dr. Alex G. Lee to review the combined topics/agendas holistically. All of participated speakers’ talks/presentations will be reviewed. Live discussions with speakers about the recent trends/new insights/future directions may be included.

Previous Webinar Topics/Speakers:

  1. SDGs vs/ESGs: is there a “better” measure of sustainability?
  2. What are the sustainability risks, opportunities, impacts?
  3. SDGs vs. ESG: what are the sustainability KPIs?
  4. What are the sustainability metrics to measure sustainability performance?
  5. How the sustainability metrics are related among SDGs, GRI, SASB, WEF, and other reporting frameworks?
  6. What are the current issues and challenges in sustainability measurement?
  7. Is there any solution or better way for sustainability measurement?

Speakers: Maziar Zarrehparvar Juliana Hess Joe MacDonald

  1. Balancing Sustainability and Profitability
  2. ESG/Sustainability Imperative v. Conundrum
  3. Stakeholder Capitalism v. Purpose
  4. Sustainable Economic Growth
  5. Value Innovation for Sustainable Economic Growth
  6. Business Model Innovation for Profitable and Sustainable Business
  7. Sustainability Balanced Scorecard for TBL
  8. Industry/Business Specific Cases

Speakers: Brett Knowles Kit Oung Manuel Vexler

III. Climate Risk Management: is there a secret sauce?

  1. What are the climate change risks and how to mitigate them?
  2. Can we quantify the climate change risks?
  3. Top-down v. bottom-up: which one is better for climate change management?
  4. What are the climate change opportunities
  5. Carbon accounting standards and automation solutions
  6. Financial impact of climate change risks and opportunities
  7. Decarbonization/Net-zero strategy

Speakers: Greg Rogers Mark Trexler João Llorente

  1. ESG for Startups and Venture Capitals
  2. ESG imperative for startups and VCs
  3. Material ESG factors for startups
  4. ESG strategy for startups
  5. ESG performance measurement for startups
  6. ESG based portfolio strategy for VCs.
  7. ESG reporting strategy for startups and VCs.
  8. Impact investing for startups

Speakers: Maziar Zarrehparvar Andrew Haughian Bee Hui Yeh

  1. SDG9: sustainable infrastructure, will we meet the goal?
  2. What is a sustainable infrastructure?
  3. What do we mean by “sustainable infrastructure for climate change resilience”?
  4. In what consists a “sustainable energy infrastructure”?
  5. How to secure the critical sustainable infrastructure?
  6. What is the process of digital transformation of sustainable infrastructure?
  7. How does financing sustainable infrastructure work?
  8. Are there best practices in sustainable infrastructure development projects?

Speakers: Tucker Pribor Abir Mymuny Michele Nati

  1. Sustainable Finance: A trade off?
  2. Current status of the sustainable finance
  3. Financial resilience of ESG-minded companies: is there any strong evidence?
  4. Will strong ESG performance leads to better risk-adjusted financial performance (financial alpha)?
  5. Role of sustainable finance in accelerating the shift to a low carbon economy
  6. What are the investment-grade ESG/Sustainability metrics?
  7. Should sustainable finance be regulated more?
  8. Does sustainable finance really need a unified sustainability accounting standard (e.g., International Sustainability Standards Board (ISSB) standard)?
  9. Investment through active ownership: will it perform stakeholder capitalism?

Speakers: Joyce Johnson-Miller Ernesto D.R. Santibanez Gonzalez

VII. Sustainability Business Case Secret Sauce Development

  1. Sustainable Business Case – TBL (Triple Bottom Line)
  2. Measurement of Sustainability Business Case
  3. Evaluation of Sustainability Business Case Benefits
  4. Framework for Sustainability Business Case Development
  5. Sustainability Business Case Best Practices

Speakers: Lee Stogner Ray Sheen Keith Plemmons Manuel Vexler

VIII. Sustainable products in the Circular Economy: will win Gen-Z favor?

  1. What is/makes a sustainable product?
  2. What are the sustainability attributes of sustainable products?
  3. How to measure the sustainability performance of a sustainable product?
  4. What is like the sustainable product life cycle assessment (LCA)
  5. How to develop a sustainable product? -sustainable business model
  6. Sustainable product best practices
  7. How to develop a sustainable and circular product? -sustainable circular business model

Speakers: Peter Hajipieris Paul Stockall Alexis G. Pantziaros Velipekka Kuoppala Abhijeet Parvatker

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