Innovating on the Climate Capital Stack with Brett Bivens and Stefano Gurciullo: free webinar, December 6

A useful learning and networking opportunity for anyone interested in climate finance: The Innovating on the Climate Capital Stack with Brett Bivens and Stefano Gurciullo free webinar on December 6.

Interviewed by Candice Ammori, join this session to learn from Brett Bivens and Stefano Gurciullo for a deep dive on climate finances and how capital can help fuel technological and scientific innovation.


Brett Bivens is a part of the team at Prima Materia, an investment company founded in 2021 by Daniel Ek. Prima Materia focuses on co-creating and building companies pursuing ambitious progress in areas like health, decarbonization, and public sector dynamism (ex. defense). Prior to Prima Materia, Brett was an investor at TechNexus, a Chicago-based venture firm, where he invested in early stage industrial technology companies and launched the firm’s European office in 2018. He lives in Annecy, France

​Stefano Gurciullo is Partner at Redstone, a pan-European venture capital firm managing several sector-focused funds. He leads the firm’s deep technology investments and its data strategy. Stefano holds a PhD in financial computing from University College London, and degrees in economics and security. He has worked as a data scientist in various asset managers, and consulted the Italian Government and the European Commission on matters related to data, finance and security.

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