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Climate change is the biggest challenge of our time. Unprecedented numbers of people will be required to course-correct the climate emergency, and many people naturally want to make this the focus of their professional lives.

Currently there are two primary groups of people who work in climate-related jobs: younger people setting out on their careers and older people who are well-established.

But there are many people in mid-career who want to reposition themselves professionally to help mitigate climate change, but who are faced with numerous obstacles such as ostensibly unrelated experience, ageism, geographical constraints and multiple personal obligations that make mid-career switches a complex undertaking.

Ecotopian Careers is here to help.

There is already a lot of information out there about how to change careers later in life, as well as information about how to get a green job. The intention here is not to dwell too much in these individual spaces, rather the point where they intersect.

That said, there are some useful existing frameworks out there that are good to keep in mind when looking to transition to a green job. For example, Dawn Graham’s book Switchers: How Smart Professionals Change Careers and Seize Success suggests there are three different types of transition, which she describes in a Forbes interview like this:

The first is an industry switch. It’s moderately challenging. It’s the kind of switch where you don’t have to change your functional skills, but you have no experience in the industry you want to work in.

The second is a functional switch, and it’s very challenging. You don’t have the functional skills, but you do have industry experience. To do this, you will probably stay within the same industry. Maybe you can stay at the same company if you have a strong track record there. If not, it’s a little more difficult as a search, because you have to convince a new company to take a chance on you.

The third type is a double switcher where you’re trying to make a switch both in function and in industry. It’s extremely challenging. You’re asking an employer to take a big risk on you.

Ecotopian Careers is interested in all three of these types of transition, as well as all levels of seniority (in other words, we’re just as interested in people currently working on the cash register at Walmart as executives at Goldman Sachs).

Here’s what we’re doing right now for mid-career jobseekers:

Here’s what YOU can do right now:

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