Repairing and reusing household goods could create thousands of green jobs

This is very good news for midlife jobseekers, not only because it implies the expansion of the green economy, but because older people tend to have more aptitude at fixing things relative to the young.

Reusing and repairing household goods, from washing machines to phones, and recycling throwaway consumer items such as plastic bottles, could create hundreds of thousands of green jobs across the UK, a thinktank has found.

The UK creates thousands of tonnes of unnecessary waste each year, some of which is still exported, because of a failure to value resources and invest in the infrastructure needed to re-purpose manufactured goods.

The Green Alliance thinktank found that prioritising the repair and reuse of manufactured goods instead could create more than 450,000 jobs in the next 15 years, many of them in areas where traditional manufacturing has declined. Read the full article on The Guardian.

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