Employer advice from MALT (Marin Agricultural Land Trust)

MALT (Marin Agricultural Land Trust)

Today’s employer advice is from Thane Kreiner, Chief Executive Officer of MALT (Marin Agricultural Land Trust).

Q: Tell us about your organization.

MALT (Marin Agricultural Land Trust) permanently protects Marin County’s agricultural lands for agricultural use. The first agricultural land trust in the U.S., we have protected over half of the vulnerable farmland. We imagine a thriving and inclusive agricultural community in a healthy and diverse natural environment. We believe everyone deserves sufficient and nourishing food produced in ways that regenerate our common home.

Q: What advice would you give to people in midlife who want to transition to a green job?

Be clear about your intention and the impact you wish to achieve; create a line of sight from your work to the change you imagine. Incorporate diverse perspectives and be mindful that much of the conservation movement is rooted in frameworks of white privilege.

Q: What are the skills that you believe will be required most in the short-medium term in your industry?

Systems-level thinking, constructive conflict, and the ability to leverage tools and technologies to integrate and share knowledge and solutions.

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