Climate Smart Food Digital Summit: free and online, September 27-30

Climate Smart Food Digital Summit

Yesterday we suggested that if you’re interested in food and are looking for learning opportunities to help transition into a green job, why not sign up for the Good Food Institute’s free Plant-based and cultivated meat online course.

A great real-time compliment to this is the Climate Smart Food Digital Summit being held by FoodNavigator, which is free and online, September 27-30. Here’s the description:

In this four-day event, FoodNavigator will examine supply chain challenges, how to support a sustainable consumption shift, and food-tech innovation for food system transformation.

The looming climate crisis has placed climate-smart food production high on the agenda for food makers, retailers and shoppers alike. The scale of the change needed to meet the Paris Agreement and UN Sustainable Development Goals can be described as nothing less than transformational. Companies that do not adapt to this challenge by placing climate-smart food at the heart of decision-making risk serious consequences.

Food industry giants are setting out their zero-emission ambitions and charting their paths toward carbon neutral production. No longer looking at their operations in isolation, CPGs are coming to count the carbon cost of the food they produce across scopes one, two and three of the value chain.

To make the most of this and similar online events, be sure to read our article, How to leverage online industry events for your transition to a green job.

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