Employer advice from US Light Energy

US Light Energy

Today’s employer advice is from Mark Richardson, CEO at US Light Energy.

Q: Tell us about your organization.

US Light Energy is a New York-based distributed generation energy development company specializing in Community Solar facilities and renewable energy solutions for residential, small commercial, and municipal customers.

Our project solutions are easy to implement. We manage the development process, working on behalf of all the stakeholders: land and business owners, local authorities (AHJ’s), engineers, vendors, contractors, and financiers throughout the origination, design, permitting, and construction processes.

We create distributed renewable energy projects where everyone can be proud to participate and help create a better future for our children and our planet.

Q: What advice would you give to people in midlife who want to transition to a green job?

Do it now! Your skills are in high demand and highly transferrable!

Q: What are the skills that you believe will be required most in the short-medium term in your industry?

Soft skills are the hardest to come by because they take years of real-world experience to develop. Hard skills, and industry-specific knowledge can all be learned as you go.

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