Carbon Sequestration SOILution: Business Climate Leaders free online webinar, September 21

Business Climate Leaders

For those interested in the food and agriculture space, Business Climate Leaders are holding a free online webinar on September 21, The Carbon Sequestration SOILution: Soil Health & Community Farm to Fork Food Systems. Here’s the description:

The regeneration of soil is being recognized as a critical tool to sequester gigatons of carbon out of the atmosphere, needed to stabilize our climate and meet the IPCC goals of staying below a 2c temperature increase. Soil is holding 2-3x the amount of carbon as is in the atmosphere, and the only viable option to sequester carbon at scale on short notice.

As the carbon content of the soil increases, so does its ability to hold water and generate diversity in the microbiome. Healthy soil acts like a sponge to hold snow melt and rain, allowing it to seep into aquifers, streams, and rivers. Healthy soil also benefits the entire ecosystem by restoring biodiversity, and increasing the nutrient density of the food we grow.

But soil is also an intensely local issue: differences in soil types and condition, availability and access to water, local climates, and socioeconomic realities require adaptations. That implies adjustment in the types of crops, customized seeds, and rotations being deployed to regenerate soil back to health.

Farmers need markets to sell into, which requires us to adjust and adapt our menus. Community engagement to change sourcing practices and prioritize local foods is well under way. In this discussion we will focus on the why and how of this transition.

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