Haul Yes! Electric Pickup Trucks are Hitting the Road: Veloz Webinar, October 21


As mentioned in the media this week, the Ford F-150 Lightning electric truck has begun preproduction in Michigan creating an expected 450 new jobs.

If you’re interested in learning more about electric trucks, you can register for the Haul Yes! Electric Pickup Trucks are Hitting the Road Veloz Webinar on October 21. Here’s the description:

From the Tesla Cybertruck to the GMC Hummer EV to the Ford F-150 Lightning to the All-Electric Chevy Silverado and more, electric trucks are one of the most highly-anticipated segments hitting the road in the EV market. Join Veloz next month alongside a panel of industry experts to learn about the newest developments, product releases, innovative technologies and charging strategies for a deep dive into this exciting topic!

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