Own Your Career Virtual Summit: free online, November 2-4

Own Your Career

Career coach Andy Storch will be hosting the Own Your Career Virtual Summit from November 2-4 including 15 other career coaches and motivational speakers. Now the vibe of this type of event is not for everyone: if you’re looking for specific details about green jobs, this event is not for you. But if you’re looking for some motivation and inspiration to make new things happen, it might be worth registering (it’s free, so the only commitment is time). Here are the details:

​Own your career

Learn how to take full ownership of your career so that you almost always feel in control and are more fulfilled in your career and life.

Set your vision, connect to purpose & achieve your goals

Once you have these things it will be so much easier to make a plan and start taking action toward your dream career and life.

Prepare for the future

Learn how to set yourself up for future success no matter what happens with your job, company, or the economy at large. These are essential steps you absolutely must take to prepare for the future.

Develop an ownership mindset

Your mindset is the most important factor toward your success. Learn how to shift your mindset to one of ownership and abundance so that you can achieve more and feel more successful in your life.

Own your life

Learn some ways to stay on track and take care of yourself so that you can achieve more and live your best life.

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