How Environmentalist Bill McKibben Is Leading the ‘Third Act’ Climate Change Movement

Bill McKibben

Climate change activism and green jobs are typically framed as a younger person’s game, so it’s great to see that older people are being encouraged to think more actively about the climate with the creation of Third Act:

Bill McKibben, who has been called America’s foremost environmentalist, never seems to run out of steam. On the contrary, at 60, he’s firing up the boilers of activism again, engaging a whole new demographic — his own — through a climate change campaign that’s part of what he calls Third Act.

McKibben’s 1989 book, “The End of Nature,” is considered the first wake-up call about global warming aimed at a mass readership. In 2008, McKibben co-founded, rallying support for progressive climate policy. In recent years, the Ghandi Peace Award winner has been a leading voice warning of the risks of climate breakdown: consequences we’re now seeing outside our windows in the form of extreme weather events and wildfires.

At this writing, Third Act was reporting that more than 5,000 people had signed up for membership. McKibben has also launched a subscription newsletter, The Crucial Years, on Substack. (The title is a double entendre, referring to the older demographic and the ticking clock of climate catastrophe.) He says his share of the proceeds will help fund Third Act. Read the full article on Next Avenue.

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