The Future of Co-generational Work: free online webinar, November 10

Future of Co-generational Work

If you’re looking to transition to a green job but feel a bit uncomfortable about the age difference between you and your potential new colleagues, there might be some useful thinking points in this free online discussion from Encore, The Future of Co-generational Work on November 10. Here’s the description:

With five generations in the workplace at the same time, discussion of generational tension at work abounds. Tired tropes of “Ok, Boomer,” entitled Millennials and tech-addicted Gen Z-ers distract from the reality that people of different generations bring diverse perspectives that are crucial for connecting with different audiences. How can teams bypass the negative stereotypes, and, instead, tap the benefits of an age-diverse workforce that brings complementary skills and perspectives? In this session, panelists will explore generational divisions in the workplace, highlight new models for collaboration, and share practical tips to help older and younger people work effectively side by side.

The panel, moderated by Marci Alboher, VP for Narrative Change at, will feature Gen2Gen Innovation Fellows Sherreta R. Harrison, sustainability catalyst at MetroMorphosis, and Charlotte Japp, founder of Cirkel, plus Encore Public Voices Fellow Ramona Schindelheim, editor-in-chief at WorkingNation.

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