Pumps & Pipes: free online event, Dec 6

Pumps & Pipes

Those interested in learning more about the cleantech space might be interested in attending Pumps & Pipes, a free online event on December 6. Here’s the description:

Register for free virtual admission to learn about tech & sustainability developments from aerospace, medical & energy industry pioneers.

The Pumps & Pipes symposium draws industry leaders and creative thinkers from Houston and beyond, attracting medical device engineers, cardiovascular physician-scientists, geologists, metallurgists, bioengineers, computer scientists, physicists and many others.

The symposium stimulates discussion, sparks ideas and explores synergies between industries that face similar challenges in imaging, navigation, metallurgy, fluid dynamics, robotics, durable materials and remote monitoring. Discoveries range from the obvious spark of “Why didn’t we think of this before?” to the audacious “Why not?” moments of revelation.

This year we will create an immersive and dynamic virtual conference experience. The 15th annual symposium, themed “Tomorrow is Yesterday,” will feature keynote speakers from medicine, energy, and aerospace. Our objective is to captivate and inspire a national and global audience.

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