Tech Career Paths For Caregivers Returning To The Workforce

Tech Career Paths

The climatetech sector is crying out for data analysts and software engineers right now. The Nabanita De Foundation curates a whole bunch of resources specifically designed to get caregivers and women who have been out of the workforce trained up and ready for such jobs. Read all about it here:

Want to restart your career but unsure of your career path? What are some of the hottest jobs and highest paying jobs in the market? What skills from when I last worked, are still relevant today? Finances are tight currently – I’m not sure if I will be able to afford upskilling and reskilling to return to the workforce?

Nabanita De Foundation’s free explore Careers module is here to the rescue. The module includes a list of several career paths with a high starting salary of 100k USD per year that include perks like paid maternal leave, remote work and more, with no need for a college degree. Returning back to the workforce after your career gap is an important milestone for you and we have curated a free exhausted list of resources for each career path to help you make an informed choice. This includes a day in the life of those career paths, free training, comparative current industry salary expectations, stories of women who have successfully returned to the workforce in those career paths after a long career gap via our Podcast, possible projects and work responsibilities, current jobs and more. Want to shadow or seek mentorship in your possible choice of career path? Join our members site, leverage our Forum and upcoming Cohort. Additionally take our free Returnships course and preorder Return-to-work book by Nabanita De, aiding you through all stages of returning to the workforce after a career gap.

In the new normal of the semi-post pandemic recovering global economy, over 80% of job vacancies require digital skills of some kind. According to LinkedIn, remote work has grown by nearly 181% since 2020, indicating today’s employees to be more tech-savvy than their counterparts. Employers now demand that their workforce align with today’s myriad of technologies, platforms, and business practices. Here are some of the career paths in tech to pursue after a career gap, without necessarily needing a college degree. Read the full article on Forbes.

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