Need work? There are ‘green jobs’ available, and this program can help you find one

green jobs

Good news for green jobseekers in Hawaii:

As Hawaii’s unemployment rate stands at just over 6%, there’s a new opportunity for job seekers to find work and help the environment.

Kupu is looking to hire more than 130 applicants this year as it relaunches its Aina Corps jobs program.

The $5 million, federally-funded initiative provides year-long ‘green’ jobs to people financially impacted by the pandemic.

Last year, it filled more than 350 jobs across several local organizations whose work includes native species restoration, sustainable farming, or renewable energy efforts.

Kupu says many who enroll in the program end up securing permanent positions.

“What we provided was an opportunity for folks who had lost their jobs or graduated into the COVID-19 economy, provide them a chance to work in a sustainability related field,” said Kupu senior director of external affairs Kawika Riley. “So that they can provide for themselves, their families and also do work that gives back to community and the environment.” Read the full article on HawaiiNewsNow.


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