My Climate Journey: transitioning from tech to climate in 5 steps

My Climate Journey

A nice first-person account of transitioning to a climate career from Sílvia Coimbra:

Two weeks ago, I shared on LinkedIn that I was leaving my dream job in tech to work in the area of climate change.

I was surprised by the number of people that reached out, curious about the transition and looking for guidance on how they could do the same. Seeing this brings me so much hope. I truly believe shifting talent and money to the right place is a key aspect of solving climate change.

This blog post is about my climate journey, what brought me here and the learnings along the way. I’ve 9 years of experience working in tech and product management, and zero domain experience in climate. I’m now joining Overstory – a climate tech startup – as their first product manager, to lead the development of the product.

Overall, it took me almost one year to get here. The steps I’m about to share were not as clear and organized as they look now, in hindsight. It was a very organic process that included a lot of climate and self-learning. I hope they help, but don’t take them as hard science. Transitioning to climate is not like your typical job search, it is also a search within yourself. What do you love? What are you good at? What does the world need? What is real and what is ego?

Looking back, these were the five steps I took to get a job in climate tech. Read the full article on LinkedIn.

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