Building a Climate Startup in Community

Building a Climate Startup

Some advice for those with a more entrepreneurial inclination in their transition to a green job:

A graduate of’s Terra Studio, Siobhan Montoya Lavender tells the story of how she and her co founders built their own startup careers with help from climate communities.

“I think we’ve been building in public without realizing it”, my cofounder Cara tells me over Zoom. She has palm trees in her background instead of her usual Parisian apartment. She’s visiting family in Los Angeles, where, only a week ago, she, my other co-founder and I all met in person for the first time near LAX. I call central Mexico home; and although only Laura still lives in LA, all three of us have SoCal roots, so I guess it was apropos that the City of Angels played host to us as we hugged each other for the first time.

Now that we’ve launched our MVP, it occurred to me how far along the path from concept to execution we had already walked, so here are some key insights from our early-stage founder experience and why you might want to consider building within a specific support system. Read the full article on

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