How to Make the For-Profit to NonProfit Encore Career Transition

Those interested in making a switch into an environmental non-profit organisation might benefit from this new Career Pivot podcast: How to Make the For-Profit to NonProfit Encore Career Transition. Here’s the description:

This week is a different kind of episode. I brought Barry Silverberg, Director of Non-profit Studies at Austin Community College into the Career Pivot community to discuss the for-profit to non-profit transition. I have known Barry for many years, and I like to say he is the godfather of the non-profit community in Texas. I sought out Barry’s advice several times during my career.

I am using the audio from the meeting in this episode. We hold these types of meetings every couple of weeks and we record them. In this episode, you will hear Barry and I discuss the transition and then he takes questions from the members.

Because of this podcast, I am able to get people to come to speak, offer their knowledge and advice with the Career Pivot community. As I have said before this podcast is my greatest networking tool.

This episode is sponsored by Career Pivot. Check out the Career Pivot Community. Make sure and pick up my latest book, Repurpose Your Career: A Practical Guide for the 2nd Half of Life Third Edition.

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