Green Jobs: ‘My journey from the arts to science’

Green Jobs

Always good to hear inspirational stories about people who have switched to a green job, this one on Food Matters Live:

If you are kicking yourself for taking an arts degree when really you want to be working in the green economy – this podcast is for you.

As part of the Table Talk podcast’s Green Jobs series, Stefan Gates meets India Langley, Communications Manager for the innovative indoor farming company LettUs Grow.

She reveals the secret to switching from the arts to science, the surprising opportunities that have arisen as a result of her own journey, and why she thinks not having a scientific background has helped her to be better at her job.

India Langley, Communications Manager, LettUs Grow

India Langley is a Sustainability Communicator who specialises in food and farming.  India heads up the communications and marketing team at LettUs Grow, an innovative indoor farming company that provides technology for vertical farms and greenhouses that take account of plants, people and the planet.

Their combination of farm management software and aeroponic technology maximises growth rates while minimising environmental impacts to help make sustainable farming a sustainable business.

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