Ecosystem and soil carbon markets: Tech & product behind Regrow Ag free webinar, Jan 13

Ecosystem and soil carbon markets

A good learning opportunity for anyone interested in making a switch into agtech from the folks at Work on Climate: Ecosystem and soil carbon markets on January 13. Here’s the description:

Speaker: Anastasia Volkova, CEO and co-founder, Regrow Ag

Event host: Eugene Kirpichov

Event Description


We hear a lot about the climate crisis and have learn that it is not just the heavy industries that pollute. It is also the industries that are intrinsically linked to nature – like farming that add to CO2e emissions. Farming though is in a unique position to change its practices and turn itself not just into climate-neutral but into climate-positive industry. Why are we not there yet? Part of it, is a science and technology readiness question. Join the session with team at Regrow Ag to learn more about the products and tech that are powering big agrifood programs enabling farmers to get paid for producing food in a climate-positive way and what’s stopping us from making #regen_ag the new norm.

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