Careers in Low-Carbon Energy: Energy vs Climate podcast episode

Some more listening for the holiday season, Careers in Low-Carbon Energy from Energy vs Climate. Here’s the description:

On Episode 25 of Energy vs Climate, David, Sara and Ed tackle a topic they often get questions about: how to get into the low-carbon energy field.

They share advice for people looking to start or transition their careers from a variety of professionals across sectors, and offer stories of their own paths to working in low-carbon energy.


@2:00 Jeremy Barretto from Cassels Brock & Blackwell LLP  Twitter: @jeremybaretto

@4:18 Duncan Kenyon at Hilversum Sustainability Consulting

@5:53 Jackie Forrest, Executive Director at the Arc Energy Research Institute Twitter: @JackieForrest

@7:47 Dr. Sara Hastings-Simons move from McKinsey and Company to the Pembina Institute

@8:45 Mike Kelland CEO of Planetary Hydrogen  Twitter: @Mkelland

@10:30 – My Climate Journey, Work on Climate, Air Miners, Breakthrough Energy Fellows Program, Carbon 180 Fellowship Program

@13:25 Leap and Google Nest Launch Smart-Thermostat-to-Energy-Market Offering

@15:00 Janice Tran CEO for Kanin Energy Twitter: @janicetran

@ 16:15 Creative Destruction Lab

@18:43 Industrial Professor Tim Weis Twitter: @TimWeisAB

@23:20 Meredith Adler Executive Director of Student Energy Twitter: @Meredith_Adler

@24:30 Future Skills Council Report from the Government of Canada

@25:40 MSc in Sustainable Energy Development at the UofC Twitter: @UCalgarySEDV

@32:30 Measuring Temperature in Space: Airborne interferometer for atmospheric emission and solar absorption

@38:20  Dr. David Schindler Aquatic Scientist

@42:22 Dr. Jim Sandercock chair of the Alternative Energy Program at NAIT Twitter: @ALTEJim

@43:55 Julia-Marie Becker manager of sustainable business operations at RBC Twitter: @JuliaM_Becker

@45:00 Eric St Pierre Executive Director of the Trottier Family Foundation Twitter: @ESPESP

@46:45 Terri-Lynn Duque Director of Strategic Innovation with ENMAX power

@48:30 David Kelly Founder & CEO SkyFireEnergy

@49:44 Anna Stukas, VP Business Development at Carbon Engineering Twitter: @annastukas

@ 51:45 The Citizen’s Guide to Climate Success by Mark Jaccard

@52:30 Dr. Julio Freedman CEO of Carbon Wrangling Twitter: @CarbonWrangler

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