Climate Communication with Rethink Sustainability: free webinar, Jan 25

Rethink Sustainability

Anyone interested in learning about communications in the climate space might benefit from attending the Climate Communication with Rethink Sustainability free webinar on January 25. Here’s the description:

This event is organized by Work On Climate ( but open to all.

Speaker: This is an interactive workshop discussion, facilitated by Francesca Cresta and Asia Guerreschi.

Event host: Sam Levac-Levey

Event Description


Rethinking Climate’s workshop shares challenges and tips for a honest and improved sustainability communication. It will be introduced with a short interactive presentation about what is communication and the elements to keep in mind when analyzing media content, while reflecting on the stakeholders involved and their relationship. The other half of the workshop will divide participants into groups to analyze content and observe how challenging it can be within the climate narrative.

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