Changing Jobs? Keep Your Finances in Check with This Checklist

Changing Jobs

It probably goes without saying, but don’t forget the financial questions in this new Kiplinger article when contemplating a switch to a green job:

Have the challenging past two years inspired you to think differently about your life, your work and your finances?  You are not alone:

  • 50.3% of U.S. adults age 55+ now consider themselves retired. Before the pandemic, up from 48.1% of those adults before the pandemic.
  • More than 24 million U.S. workers quit their jobs between April and September 2021.
  • For the 11 million open jobs listed in October 2021, only 7.4 million unemployed people were available to fill them.
  • Is Your Job Burning You Out?

Whether you have been thinking about a job change for decades or have been motivated by recent events to make a career move, it is imperative that you manage your transition with careful, calculated financial planning.

To start the process, here are five financial pointers (my five “Bs”) for changing jobs. Read the full article on Kiplinger.

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