Carbon Dioxide Removal Law: free webinar, Feb 2

Carbon Dioxide Removal

A useful learning and networking opportunity for anyone interested in getting into the carbon removal space, the Carbon Dioxide Removal Law free webinar on February 2. Here’s the description:

OpenAir is excited to present This Is CDR, an online event series that explores the wide range of carbon dioxide removal (CDR) solutions currently being researched, developed, and deployed, and discusses them in the context of the Carbon Dioxide Removal Leadership Act (CDRLA), state-level CDR procurement legislation researched, developed, and drafted by OpenAir for New York, and other states and localities.

This week on This Is CDR we are pleased to welcome Wil Burns, one of the world’s leading experts on carbon removal governance, law, and policy to teach us about the numerous legal and regulatory issues that must be addressed as we look to demonstrate, deploy, and scale new CDR pathways.

About Our Presenter

Dr. Wil Burns is a Visiting Professor in the Environmental Policy & Culture Program at Northwestern, and also teaches in the Masters of Science in Energy Sustainability program in the Department of Engineering. Prior to this, he served as Founding Co-Director of the Institute for Carbon Removal Law & Policy at American University’s School of International Service in Washington, DC. He also served as President of the Association for Environmental Studies and Sciences, as well as a Senior Research Fellow for the Centre for International Governance Innovation.

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