Climate Tech Recruiters: webinar replay

A replay of the recent Work on Climate webinar, Climate PM Panel with Climate Tech Recruiters:

For our first event of the year, we are excited to hold our New Year, New Career in Climate PM Recruiter Panel!

We will be discussing with our panelists how PMs at all stages of their careers can transition to careers in climate in addition to broader questions about climate careers and recruiting.

Panelist Introductions


Janet Matta has more than 10 years of experience in coaching technology professionals to career success and leading career services for universities and ed tech companies. She is currently Head of Careers at, where she creates opportunities for companies to hire the best talent possible into climate roles, and helps Terra fellows land their next climate job.

Kate Berni has been growing programs, organizations, and companies for 6 years and her favorite thing about it is getting to be part of that exciting moment when you first start a new job or adventure! Being born in WA and being surrounded by water has helped make her appreciate nature’s finite resources and the importance of stewardship.

Nikki Hampton is a Senior People leader with 15 years of experience in growing companies. She has built high performing teams across marketing and technology businesses while maintaining a core focus on employee engagement and best in class human resources practice. In addition, Nikki has managed through multi-million dollar acquisitions and IPO preparation.

Patrick Burke was the first recruiter hired at Watershed. Patrick brings 29 years of experience in leading talent acquisition with companies like Apple and Square. Patrick got the startup bug after Apple and helped grow Square in their early days as well as other startups like Houzz, Pebble, DJI, Velodyne LiDAR and [24] to establish and expand their recruiting functions and build world-class Engineering, product, design, and business teams.

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