More Kelp, Less Carbon: free webinar, Feb 16

More Kelp, Less Carbon

An interesting learning and networking opportunity for anyone interested in a switch to regenerative farming: the free webinar More Kelp, Less Carbon: Regenerative Ocean Farming as a Climate Solution on February 16. Here’s the description:

“When you look at how we are going to feed the world population by 2050 in a way that doesn’t harm the environment, there is only one pathway,” says Carlos Duarte, a professor and world-wide leader in biological oceanography and marine ecology. “To scale up seaweed farming.”

Regenerative ocean farming generates nutritious food while absorbing carbon dioxide, reducing ocean acidity, and reviving local maritime economies. It’s a powerful yet currently underutilized climate solution.

Join and Laney Siegner, Director of the Climate Farm School, for an interactive conversation on regenerative ocean farming. You’ll hear from Scott Lindell, Research Specialist at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute; Samantha Garwin, Market Innovation Strategist at GreenWave; Courtney Boyd Myers, Founder and CEO of AKUA and Tamsen Peeples, marine biologist, and former Hatchery Manager at Blue Evolution who are all working to deliver on the promise of seaweed.

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