Why Every Job Is a Climate Job

Every Job Is a Climate Job

A useful read for anyone who’s thinking less about switching to a green job and more about making their current job green:

Have you seen the phrase “whole-of-government approach to climate” tossed around? It’s a clunky way of saying climate must be factored into every decision, across departments and ministries and boardroom tables covered in mediocre muffins. Joe Biden committed to as much in his first days in office, and Justin Trudeau’s most recent mandate letters show that climate goes well beyond Environment and Climate Change Canada to find purchase on almost every ministry’s to-do list. This is great, because climate is an everything issue that must be addressed as such. But just as climate needs a whole-of-government approach, it also needs a whole-of-work approach.

What do I mean by this? We need climate allies everywhere! While it’s great that there are more climate jobs than ever, it’s also important that people advocate for climate where they already are. Read the full article on Yes.

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