Employer advice from Renewable Energy Group

Renewable Energy Group

Today’s employer advice is from Trisha Conley, Senior Vice President, People Development at Renewable Energy Group.

Q: Tell us about your organization.

Renewable Energy Group, Inc. is leading the energy and transportation industries’ transition to sustainability by converting renewable resources into high-quality, sustainable fuels. Renewable Energy Group is an international producer of sustainable fuels that significantly lower greenhouse gas emissions to immediately reduce carbon impact. Renewable Energy Group utilizes a global integrated procurement, distribution and logistics network to operate 11 biorefineries in the U.S. and Europe. In 2020, Renewable Energy Group produced 519 million gallons of cleaner fuel delivering 4.2 million metric tons of carbon reduction. Renewable Energy Group is meeting the growing global demand for lower-carbon fuels and leading the way to a more sustainable future.

Q: What advice would you give to people in midlife who want to transition to a green job?

Consider how you can translate your skills and experience into roles that are currently in demand in companies that are green. In many cases, most of the skill sets that are needed in green companies are similar to other organizations. The difference is most working for an environmentally conscious company join that team because they want to be a part of a company that is positively impacting the world and the environment for the future. Mission, values and purpose become critically important to the choices made on the job, so these things also need to matter to you personally.

Q: What are the skills that you believe will be required most in the short-medium term in your industry?

Ability to solve creatively and not be afraid of new problems you’ve never experienced before; resilience; ability to adapt to an evolving landscape; ability to move at a fast pace but with high quality and thoughtfulness behind the solutions; open-minded to diverse ideas; keen awareness of environmental, social and governance impact both internally and externally. From a technical perspective, experience in manufacturing, finance, leadership, commercial development, trading and optimization, strategic sourcing, logistics, communications and sales and marketing are all key functional skills that will continue to be in demand.

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