Thinking Through Building Electrification: Implications and How We Get There: free webinar, March 9

Building Electrification

A useful learning and networking opportunity for anyone interested in making a switch into sustainable building: the Thinking Through Building Electrification: Implications and How We Get There free webinar on March 9. Here’s the description:

What does building electrification mean for Southern California, and what are the key goals: improved indoor air quality, greenhouse gas reductions, cost savings? Join us to learn about the implications of building electrification from Dr. Stephanie Pincetl, Founding Director and Professor at UCLA’s California Center for Sustainable Communities.

Dr. Pincetl will share how much natural gas is consumed to better understand our reliance on fossil fuels and think about what can be replaced by electrifying our homes and buildings.

We’ll talk through who pays for electrification and where the electricity should be located. Then, as some of our larger cities in the region pursue building decarbonization codes, let’s explore what this means for you and our communities.

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