LinkedIn Global Green Skills Report Shows Gap Between Demand and Supply of Green Talent

LinkedIn Global Green Skills Report

The new green jobs report from LinkedIn should give you some feeling that you’re on the right path wanting to switch to a green job:

As Chief Economist at LinkedIn, I lead a team of economists and data scientists that unearth the most interesting insights from over 800M global members. Every month I’ll share a snapshot of key trends to help shed light on where the world of work is headed. This month, we’re looking at the Global Green Skills Report.

The world of work is shifting. And the pace of change over the past few years alone has been remarkable: we expect the skills needed by 2025 to perform the same jobs will change by about 40%.

A question our team has been asking amidst all this change and uncertainty is — how do we leverage this unprecedented moment of the #GreatReshuffle to power positive societal change to ensure workers, employers, and our communities emerge from this moment more resilient?

One area where we see massive potential to harness this moment for long-term impact is in the climate crisis fight. In many ways, the shift to a green economy will require a green talent transition – a collaborative effort across public and private sectors to equip our workforces with the green skills needed to propel more organizations to achieve ambitious climate goals.

In this vein, LinkedIn today released the Global Green Skills Report, a first of its kind report fueled by our real-time data across 800M+ members revealing new findings on the state of green skills and jobs worldwide. Read the full report on LinkedIn.

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