Where to Start If You Want a Career in the Climate Space

Career in the Climate Space

Some sound introductory advice from Natural Resources Defense Council about getting a climate job:

As a journalist who has been reporting on the environment since 2015, I have watched this space transform. Now one thing is very clear to me: The growing urgency to address climate change means there has never been a better time for a passionate person to carve out a career in the environmental sector.

After all, the monumental challenge of a warming planet will require many people with a variety of skills and experiences. Lisa Yee-Litzenberg, a climate careers advisor and president of Green Career Advisor, says she’s noticed a major increase in the number of professionals at all levels who are looking to enter the space. “This gives me hope for humanity to see so many people who recognize the need to take action on climate change and want to make it their life’s work.”

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, we can expect to see significant growth across a range of climate-related occupations for almost a decade. But because the career options are expansive and, in many ways, new, figuring out if a job in the climate space is right for you will require a little bit of soul-searching and some thoughtful research. Read the full article on NRDC.

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