Work on Climate Success Stories February 2022: video replay

It’s always good to hear from people who’ve made a successful switch:

This event was organized by Work On Climate (

Panelists: David Babikian, Lena Burova, Sílvia Coimbra, Paul Grock

Moderator: Utkarsh Vaidya

This was a panel event where active members of the Work on Climate community shared their success stories in breaking into climate work.

David Babikian is a Head of Operations and Business Development at GreenSpark Software, a provider of a modern platform to stream and manage all aspects of a scrap yard’s operations.

Lena Burova is an Operations Lead at Andes, a biotech startup that leverages power of microbes to tackle climate change.

Silvia Coimbra applies her 9 years of experience building and scaling tech products at Overstory, a satellite vegetation management startup.

Paul Grock is a senior software engineer who recently joined Twelve, a new kind of chemical company built for the climate era

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