The Future of Food: Seeking Sustainable Solutions: free webinar, March 11

Future of Food

A useful learning and networking opportunity for anyone interested in sustainable food: The Future of Food: Seeking Sustainable Solutions free webinar on March 11. Here’s the description:

City University of Hong Kong is launching a new series of events, The Future of Food: Seeking Sustainable Solutions and Green Queen Media is a proud Content Partner!

The goal is to expose audiences to innovative information and the potential to design a more sustainable food system.


  • Mark Bittman, award-winning food writer, journalist and TV host
  • Anna Lappé, internationally recognized expert on sustainability and justice along the food chain
  • Doris Lee, Executive Director of GFI-Consultancy B.V.
  • Clarissa Wei, freelance journalist, host of the podcast Climate Cuisine

Moderator: Sonalie Figueiras – GREEN QUEEN, Founder and Editor-in-chief of Green Queen.

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