Women in Systems Thinking: free webinar, March 15

Women in Systems Thinking

A useful learning and networking opportunity: the Women in Systems Thinking free webinar on March 15.Here’s the description:

We are thrilled to announce that we will be featuring Marta Ceroni, Co-Director of the Academy for Systems Change, in conversation about the work of Donella Meadows, a godmother of systems thinking whose seminal work “Limits to Growth” was originally published fifty years ago this year.

Marta Ceroni is the co-director of the Academy for Systems Change, a nonprofit that supports organization- and community leaders in their capacity to shape more equitable and sustainable futures through peer learning and a focus on awareness-based systems change.

With a doctorate in forest ecology, over the years Marta has become interested in economies that prioritize communities and nature. Before her current position, Marta worked as a Research Professor for 10 years at the Gund Institute for Ecological Economics at the University of Vermont. She is also a writer, a dancer, and a community cultivator. Her ancestral home is in the Po River Valley, in northern Italy, her current home is on the New Hampshire side of the Connecticut (Kwnitekw) River, USA.

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