Soil Carbon Removal Think Tank: free webinar, March 17

A useful learning and networking opportunity for anyone interested in making a switch into carbon credits (or employing them in their current workplace): the Soil Carbon Removal Think Tank #2: What Makes a High-Quality Carbon Credit from Regenerative Agriculture? free webinar on March 17. Here’s the description:

More and more forward-thinking & ecologically-aware companies are gearing up their climate leadership efforts.

As a result, we are seeing an exponential increase in demand for carbon credits from regenerative agriculture – an invaluable opportunity to create systemic change in an industry that has the potential to transform from a CO2 net-emitter to a net sequester.

To ensure real climate impact and make sure we can leverage this highly promising financing mechanism, we need to establish a common understanding of what constitutes a high-quality carbon credit from agriculture.

You want to make sure that your buying decisions match your climate leadership intentions as a company.

In our second Soil Carbon Removal Think Tank, we will explore what exactly a high-quality carbon credit from agriculture looks like and how you can tell a trustworthy one apart from a not-so-perfect one.

We will dive deeper into the following topics:

– How we can ensure permanence & additionality in nature-based solutions

– Where the science behind carbon credits currently stands and where it’s headed

– The role of ecosystem co-benefits

– Why third party verification is crucial in ensuring scrutiny

We’ll be joined by:

– Marian Krüger, Founder & Co-lead at Carbon Removal ClimAccelerator and Decarbonisation Lead at the Sustainability in Business Lab at ETH Zurich. From managing carbon removal projects in sectors that are difficult to decarbonise to supporting start-ups in the field of negative emissions, Marian has a comprehensive knowledge in the realm of CDR.

– Stefan Jirka, Senior Manager in Agricultural Innovation at Verra. Prior to taking up this role, Stefan was a Senior Associate promoting agricultural development at One Acre Fund, a Research Specialist at Cornell University and a Program Officer at the International Biochar Initiative.

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