Seafood Sector Guide to Science Based Targets: free webinar, March 29

Seafood Sector

A useful learning and networking opportunity for anyone interested in sustainable fisheries and aquaculture: the Seafood Sector Guide to Science Based Targets free webinar on March 29. Here’s the description:

To limit global warming to 1.5°C, global greenhouse gas emissions must be halved by 2030 and must reach net-zero by 2050. A number of seafood companies have already risen to the challenge by setting ambitious emissions reduction targets approved by the SBTi.

On 29 March at 9 am ET, the UN Global Compact and WWF will launch the Seafood Sector Guide to Science-Based Targets. This guide was developed to consolidate lessons learned and to serve as a roadmap for seafood companies to set meaningful science-based targets (SBTs). The guide also aims to support companies to meet the High-Level Climate Champions’ target for 20% of fisheries and aquaculture companies to join the UN-led Race to Zero by 2023.

During the webinar launch, the guide will be presented, companies will share their experiences to date, and speakers will highlight the path to integrating SBTs in the seafood sector. Speakers include:

Robert Blasiak, Researcher, Stockholm Resilience Centre

Emily Moberg, Research Lead Specialist, WWF

Dave Robb, Sustainability Program Lead, Cargill

Adam Brennan, Group Director of Sustainability, Thai Union

Christopher Golden, Assistant Professor, Harvard University

Jessica Gephart, Assistant Professor, American University

Agathe Grossmith, Carrefour

Martha Selwyn, Manager, UN Global Compact

Helen Packer, Seafood Stewardship Index Lead, World Benchmarking Alliance

Christian Andler, Greenticket

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