The Time is Ripe – Computational & Engineering Approaches to Plant Biology: free webinar, March 30

Plant Biology

A useful learning and networking opportunity for anyone interested in agtech: The Time is Ripe – Computational & Engineering Approaches to Plant Biology free webinar on March 30. Here’s the description:

We’ve seen significant growth and excitement in the emergence of synthetic biology as a discipline over the past two decades. The research pace has been tremendous, funding is at all-time highs, and major commercial applications have emerged. Yet, most of this progress is limited to the world of microbes.

Plants are an incredible resource. They provide the food we eat, clean the air we breathe, are a promising source of renewable energy, and are our richest sources of chemical diversity. Engineering plants to produce more food, be more resilient, sequester more carbon, generate novel chemistries is a requirement for our ability to thrive with this planet. Just as breeding plants has delivered unimaginable gains in our ability to feed a growing population, engineering plants has the potential to solve many of our most pressing global challenges.

While plants provide this incredible backdrop of potential, we are lacking the toolkit required to bring out the best of them. Design-build-test-learn cycles take too long to drive the gains we need. We’re excited to bring together leading researchers, companies, and community members passionate about building tools and applications that drive forward the world of plant engineering and synthetic biology.

Join us to hear a lineup of world-class experts discuss the latest advancements, future directions, and needs to support this exciting area of research.

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