How to Build a Career in Sustainability

Career in Sustainability

A new article in Harvard Business Review relevant for those interested in a switch to the sustainability sector:

What jobs contribute most to the health of our planet? A few obvious answers may come to mind: ecologist, biochemist, meteorologist, geologist — any role in the environmental sector. While these careers are highly admirable, not every person who cares about creating a more sustainable world wants to become a scientist, and for many of us, this field is far away from what we have already studied or prepared to pursue.

The good news is that the future of work offers plenty of diverse opportunities for workers hoping to make an impact. There’s no unique career path when it comes to sustainability. You don’t need to drop what you are doing, or push aside your other passions, to build a green career.

If you are curious about how to begin, or shift to a career in this area, there are a few ways to get started. Read the full article on HBR.

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