Climate Tech 101 Panel: free webinar, April 5

A useful learning and networking opportunity for anyone interested in climate tech: the Climate Tech 101 Panel free webinar on April 5. Here’s the description:

Climate tech is a wide ranging niche and in this session we’ll try to give an overview of the landscape and some tips around how to “break in” if desired. We’ll answer common questions and your questions through our panel of Product Managers in various areas of climate tech.

Designed to help you gain a clearer understanding of the various segments of climate tech, and answer any burning questions you might have! We welcome folks who are curious about Climate Tech, curious about the realm of solutions that people work on, and of course people who are already working in Climate Tech who might be interested in other areas or around to provide their own perspective in the comment section.

This event will be informal, and will start with some networking. A short presentation to provide some background information and then directly into Q&A. Our panel will be moderated with some common questions but we also hope you will bring your curiosity to the event and help us cross a wide range of topics!

## Who should attend

There may be some questions and answers specific to product management, but a lot of information will be widely applicable across roles.

This should be relevant for folks who feel they know nothing about Climate Tech ranging through people who might know one area but be curious about the larger landscape.

## Schedule & Logistics

We will be using Zoom for this presentation & panel. Attendees will receive the Zoom link before the start of the event.

Tuesday April 5, 2022: from 5:00 pm to 6:30 pm

5 pm: Virtual door opens + networking

5:20pm to 5:40pm: Intro Presentation

5:40pm to 6:20pm: Panel Q&A

## About our Panel

Moderator Jeanine Longley has worked previously at OPEN Technologies as a Product Manager within the energy benchmarking and built space, and is currently a Product Manager at MakerSights. MakerSights aims to radically reduce the waste produced in retail as retail accounts for 10% of total global greenhouse gas emissions (and many other waste products).

Caroline Quinn is the product manager at Autocase, a web-based tool helping architects and designers assess the triple bottom line of their building-related projects. She has a background in computer science and business systems and shifted into climate tech after completing her master’s in building science.

Jacob Model is a director of product and engineering at Taking Root, a company that is fighting climate change by accelerating the reforestation of the world’s forests by creating incentives for smallholder farmers to grow trees.

Grace Goh is a product manager at Semios, an agtech company that offers an all-in-one crop management platform to help growers make better decisions by leveraging its network of over 2 million sensors. She has a background in cell biology and previously worked in health tech.

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