Using Planetary Boundaries with LCA for Absolute Sustainability Assessment and Target-setting: free webinar, April 14

Absolute Sustainability Assessment

A useful learning and networking opportunity for anyone interested in LCA: the Using Planetary Boundaries with LCA for Absolute Sustainability Assessment and Target-setting free webinar on April 14. Here’s the description:

LCA is often used to compare small subsets of global production and consumption, such as diapers, food packaging and modes of transport. This has undoubtedly informed improvements in environmental performance per functional unit. Yet, these improvements are not reflected in the overall state of the global environment, which continues to decline. To revert this trend, we must find a way to meet human needs with radically lower environmental impacts. In this presentation, Anders will argue that LCA based on the planetary boundaries framework can be part of the solution. He will present how planetary (and regional) boundaries can be used as absolute sustainability references in LCA, thereby indicating “how much better is good enough”. Anders will give examples of how and why companies use such assessments and discuss future trends.

Presenter Bio:

Anders Bjoern is a postdoctoral fellow at Concordia University, Canada. Over the past decade, Anders has worked on linking the planetary boundaries framework with LCA, to facilitate absolute environmental sustainability assessment. This allows researchers and practitioners to widen the focus from whether something is “better for the environment” to whether it is “good enough for the environment”. Likewise, an absolute perspective can be used to derive “science-based targets” for future environmental performance of companies, cities, technologies, etc. Anders’ current research evaluates the integrity of science-based and net-zero targets for greenhouse gas emissions set by large companies.

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