How to Get a Job in Climate: free webinar, April 26

How to Get a Job in Climate

It’s always good to hear about the experiences of other green jobseekers, so check out the How to Get a Job in Climate free webinar on April 26. Here’s the description:

What’s Preventing You From Working On Climate?

As we look back on 2021, Climate People’s first year in business, we wanted to reflect on our mission: “Mobilize a workforce to transition their careers to focus on climate solutions.”

Through hundreds of candidate conversations, messages, and interactions we realized that the vast majority of our job seekers — at one point or another — didn’t see a space for them in climate. From what we directly observed, this lack of awareness was the number one thing preventing people from transitioning their careers.

We realized that while this was the most obvious barrier, there had to be more. Given the dire necessity of climate action, the dwindling timeline to reach net zero, and the blatantly worsening effects of climate change — we knew we had to get answers fast.

In response, we’re in the midst of conducting a survey that pinpoints what is preventing people from taking a job in climate.

Some of our earliests findings show:

  • 71% of the respondents see the direct role climate jobs can play in reducing greenhouse gas emissions
  • 90% of the respondents have considered taking a job in climate solutions
  • 54% of the respondents believe their lack of climate experience prevents them from getting a job in climate solutions
  • 39% of the respondents believe their lack of awareness about jobs in the space prevents them from getting a job in climate solutions

To address some of these concerns, we’re hosting this webinar to hear the stories, hardships, and timelines of 4 panelists who have transitioned their careers to work on climate solutions.

Join us on April 26th, 2022 at 12 pm EST to hear from and get inspired by these job seekers — from various fields, experience levels, industries, and sectors — who have successfully landed a career in climate!

To make the most of this and similar online events, be sure to read our article, How to leverage online industry events for your transition to a green job.

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