The Path to Net Zero #3: The Role of Decarbonisation for Businesses: free webinar, April 22

Decarbonisation for Businesses

A useful learning and networking opportunity for anyone interesting in ESG: The Path to Net Zero #3: The Role of Decarbonisation for Businesses free webinar on April 22. Here’s the description:

With these LinkedIn series, Lubomila Jordanova, CEO of Plan A, will talk about sustainability, net zero and sustainability business leadership with special guests from all walks of life, from scientists, investors, businesses, employees, sustainability consultants, and many more.

Dr. Ramana Gudipudi is the Decarbonisation Lead at Plan A. He brinds ≈15 years of international experience in diagnosing technical, financial, and institutional challenges in combating climate change. He is a passionate researcher with demonstrated ability to apply systems approach, develop methods to solve complex problems, and communicate them to a broad range of stakeholders. He holds a PhD from PIK – Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research on decarbonisation and has supported the German government on their decarbonisation agenda. He has also supported the preparation of several IPCC reports.

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