Natural and Working Lands in Climate Finance: free webinar, May 5

Climate Finance

A useful learning and networking opportunity for anyone interested in climate finance: the Natural and Working Lands in Climate Finance free webinar on May 5. Here’s the description:

Join Dr. Jennifer da Rosa, Dr. Cassandra Hansen, and Mr. Albert Cho for a curated discussion with Brian Shillinglaw, Managing Director of New Forests, on “Natural and Working Lands in Climate Finance.”

Brian Shillinglaw oversees New Forests’ forestry and environmental market investment programs in the United States. With twenty years of experience in real asset and environmental market investment management, agricultural development and related fields, Brian has led over 130,000 hectares of sustainable forestry investments and over 200,000 hectares of forest carbon investments, created one of the largest investment platforms for carbon-financed forest conservation in the Western Climate Initiative carbon market, and secured the permanent retirement and conservation of the Bering River Coal Field, one of the largest proven coal deposits in Alaska. Shillinglaw has worked extensively with Native American governments on carbon-financed forest conservation and land repatriation, and the New Forests US team has delivered over 17 million metric tonnes of verified carbon emission reductions from both carbon stock protection and atmospheric carbon removal.”

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