Green For All Clean Energy Scholarship

Green For All Clean Energy Scholarship

Note this scholarship is open to all ages over 18:

Green For All has always fought for a future that takes on poverty and pollution at the same time. We know Black and Brown communities are the people hurt first and worst by pollution and climate change.

That’s why we need more people in underserved neighborhoods and Black and Brown folks in well-paying green jobs living their #GreenDream and fueling a #CleanEnergyFuture.

Everything that’s good for the planet is a job, a contract, a business opportunity. Green jobs put people to work in great careers where they can help make their own communities cleaner places to live. Click here to learn more about the clean energy sector.

That’s why we’re proud to offer the first-ever Dream Corps Green For All Clean Energy Scholarship. This scholarship helps Black and Brown job seekers enter or advance in the clean energy sector.

AWARD: 50 scholarships of $3,500 to individuals interested in a career in the clean energy sector. Read the full article at The Dream Corps.

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