New Opportunities for Climate Action: free webinar, May 12

Climate Action

A useful networking and learning opportunity for a general introduction to different types of climate careers: the New Opportunities for Climate Action free webinar on May 12. Here’s the description:

Today there are more ways than ever before to have an impact thanks to innovative organizations and climate tech companies.

Join us for a jam-packed hour of presentations and discussion on tangible opportunities to do more to address climate change through your work, investments, and lifestyle.

Facilitated by Jason Rissman, IDEO & Invested in Climate

Topics and presenters include:

Every job must be a climate job – Jamie Beck Alexander, Drawdown Labs

Solar is confusing AF. Wildgrid is here to help. – Krystal Persaud, Wildgrid Solar

Green your 401k – Alex Wright-Gladstein, Sphere

Climate positive banking – Ravi Mikkelsen, Atmos Financial

Take care of your emissions – Sanchali Pal, Joro

Learning for action and community for climate work – Anshuman Bapna,

To make the most of this and similar online events, be sure to read our article, How to leverage online industry events for your transition to a green job.

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